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MG 1/100 MSA-0011 S Gundam
MG 1/100 MSA-0011 S Gundam
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Release Date
Jan., 2002

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A prototype mobile suit that appeared in the Gundam Sentinel series.
Transformable to 3 Jet fighter - G Attacker, G Bomber and G Core.
Features with a working cockpit hatch.
Includes 3 pilot figures.
Beam smart gun can be anchored to the waist to replicate the attack pose.
Water-slide decals are included as well for accurate markings.

The MSA-0011 (MSZ-011) S Gundam (also called Superior Gundam, but its original name is the Supreme Gundam[1], codename: "Ι Gundam" (Iota Gundam) in the Greek letter Anaheim Gundam series), more frequently called the S Gundam, is an incredibly powerful Earth Federation Forces mobile suit.[2] There were four units built[3], but only one has ever made an appearance in any story. The one appeared in Gundam Sentinel and in the story, send to the Taskforce Alpha battleship Pegasus III, where it was assigned to pilot Ryu Roots. 

Although the S Gundam had three separate cockpits, the other two were not used until the very end of the plot, where three pilots would be saved by the core block system (see below). Since its plans are highly classified, it is said in chapter 1, Revolt in Pezun, that the pilots have been only able to train in Z Plus B types, which are the highest performance transformable mobile suit they have access to.

The S Gundam is equipped with relatively heavier armour than its Z Plus cousin, which is specifically mentioned in the story (Chapter 2:Sally Forth! S Gundam) where the 2 Z Plus C1 accompanying the S Gundam in its booster configuration took more damage even though S Gundam was at a much higher acceleration when against enemy fire. To further confirm this point, the author mentions that the pilot cannot even bear to imagine what will happen if they are using Neros or GM IIIs in the same situation. Within the design notes, the offensive capabilities of the S Gundam featured a highly accurate beam smart gun, with 12MW power operating the beam smart gun normally, the unit can connect the beam smart gun to two extra power outlets on both left and right hips or the centre of its belly, to supply extra power that increases the beam smart gun up to 56MW. 

However, this will have to sacrifice the mounting of one of the two 12MW beam guns that are similar to the ones used in the Zeta Plus mobile suit series. Two beam cannons protruded from the S Gundam's backpack over the shoulders, and it also featured four 60 mm vulcans in the tail stabilizer and four 60 mm vulcan guns in the head, in which the mechanical designer, Katoki Hajime, specially took the problems of this weapon in the pass series into account, including the barrel length being too short which means the weapon can only have grenade launcher effects as well as no space for ammo, and lengthened the barrel (also the depth of the head of S Gundam) and introduced the liquid explosives electronic firing mechanism to the design[2], in which later retconed earlier designs and is again mentioned in Gundam Officials, the Gundam Encyclopedia and Master Grade instructions. It also featured a red circular-shaped wire-guided remote beam weapon called an Incom that was stored in the forehead. And finally, to round out the S Gundam's weaponry, the unit featured two beam sabers stored in recharge racks in the small white protrusions in the unit's knees.

The S Gundam is built on a modular design, made up of two separate transformable units that could combine with a core fighter variant called the G Core to create the full S Gundam. The S Gundam was capable of separating into the 3 crafts. The G-Attacker (also referred to as the A Parts) is one of the crafts, which was made up of the upper torso area of the S Gundam. The second craft was called the G-Bomber (also referred to as the B Parts), which were composed of the lower torso and legs of the S Gundam. 

The G-Core core fighter, which were the C Parts of the S Gundam, was flown by Ryu Roots. The story used this mechanism as a make shift role for the task force alpha not having enough mobile suits for the battle and has to compromise by separating the S Gundam for 3 pilots in chapter 12, Pursuit. The author also made his own disbelieve in combining robots[4] in the midst of battle into the plot, where S Gundam is forced to combine back into the mobile suit form and sacrifice of the 3 pilots' instructor was made by being their shield in order to buy them time for the combination in chapter 13, Triple Attack.


The S Gundam in Gundam Sentinel featured a unique and incredibly complex artificial intelligence computer that went by the acronym name A.L.I.C.E., which was developed by Ryu Roots' mother, Meith Roots. A.L.I.C.E., which stood for Advanced Logistic & Inconsequence Cognizing Equipment, was more than the standard learning computer featured in earlier mobile suits; "she" had the capability to think and to grow. The growth of ALICE is one of the main plot lines to the story, compared to the growth of the main character Ryu Roots. In "her" early stages of growth ALICE was not yet a full individual, but "her" experiences with Ryu Roots would help "her" to grow. ALICE is originally programmed to place the pilot(s) life as first priority, and could assume total control of the S Gundam if "she" felt that the unit was in danger. 

This function has been used throughout the plot to save the pilot's life and caused confusion to the pilot since Ryu Roots has no knowledge of ALICE's existence even towards the very end of the story. Although 4 S Gundams have been produced, it is known that the other 3 S Gundams do not have the ALICE system installed on it. 

Stories source from:
Total 505pcs parts
Simple Instruction included in a box.




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